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Scotsman Introduces New Flakers & Nuggets

Vernon Hills, IL.  Scotsman Ice Systems, the world's largest ice machine manufacturer, late last year introduced a new line of flake and nugget ice machines with AutoSentry™ Control System. These redesigned icemakers feature many new innovations and improvements that contribute to longer life and lower operation and maintenance costs.  With all stainless steel exteriors and new “4” series model numbers, AutoSentrybrings a fantastic new technology to you and your customerswithout an increase in price! 
The new features include:

AutoSentry Monitoring System which Constantly Checks Workload On Gearbox Shutting Down System Before A Problem Develops Preventing Costly Repairs.

Electrical Conductivity Water Sensor Eliminates Low or No Water Failures and Cannot Be Affected By Adverse Water Conditions.

Plastic Drain Pan With Larger Outlet Provides Greater Ability To Quickly Channel Water Away Preventing Particulate Build-Up and Rust.

Rust and Restriction Free Drain System Features One-Piece Plastic Drain Tubes With Lar-ger ID for Obstruction-Free Water Flow.

Durable, High Grade Stainless Steel Construction with Massive, Self-Aligning Spherical Roller Bearings; Patented Double-Flight Auger that Evenly Distributes the Load; and Heavy Duty Direct Drive Gearbox for High Reliability and Long Life.


“Scotsman has increased the warranty on all “4” Series icemakers to include:

3 years parts

3 years labor  

5 years on the compressor!

SHARP MICROWAVE OVENS -Anything But a Lightweight.

Mahwah, NJ—Behold the future: A place where less is more and lighter and stronger.  And faster.  And smarter.  Sharps new light duty microwaves feature the indestructable quality and easy maintenance of stainless steel interiors.  Resistant to damage. They won’t pit, chip, scratch or corrode.  What’s more, these cost –efficient models also have super-rugged grab handles, designed to withstand a lifetime of rough handling.  Ideal for both foodservice and self-service operations, with a generous 1.0 cu. ft. capacity, they deliver 1000 watts of high-speed power for faster service.  Plus an array of easy to use features and one touch controls for mistake proof microwaving.  Just put in the food… push a button…done!  Even the untrained users can produce 4-star results.  Take a look at the latest examples of how “from Sharp minds come Sharp products.

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