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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Ice Do You Need?


Guidelines to Sizing Ice Systems


Every ice system must meet individual needs. These needs vary so greatly, however, that it is impossible to chart exact ice requirements. Nevertheless, there are some basics from which to start. Add 20% to the usage indicated for growth or peak demand periods.





HEALTH CARE - Use 7 pounds per patient bed. Use 2 lbs. per employee.


LODGING -Use 3 pounds per room. (Substantially more if guests are allowed to fill ice chests.)



Use 4 oz. per 12 oz. drink, 7 oz. per 20 oz. drink, 10 oz. per 32 oz. drink. For cold plates, add 50% more.

The Scotsman Ice Specialist assigned to your area will be happy to assist in your equipment selection. These trained specialists know which type of ice is best and most profitable for your specific operation. They will work in certain factors such as anticipated ice meltage, air and water temperature in your area, etc. In some instances, they may recommend the use of stacking units to assure your future ice needs due to rapid growth or expansion.

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  • Restaurants - Use 1.7 pounds per customer. Use 5.0 pounds per seat.

  • Cocktail Lounge - Use 3 pounds per customer.

  • Fast Food - Use .9 pounds per customer or 7.4 pounds per seat. Use 2 oz. per 8-10 oz. drink, 4 oz. per 12-16 oz. drink, 6 oz. per 20 oz. drink, and 6 oz. per 32 oz. drink.

Which Ice Is Right For You?

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