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Scotsman Ice

We are proud distributors of Scotsman products

Scotsman pioneered ice machines nearly Sixty Years ago and is today the world's largest ice machine manufacturer. They produce more than 150,000 machines annually, with distribution and service to virtually every continent and country on the globe.

Scotsman has have been reinventing ice ever since with innovations like Nugget Ice, which is preferred by customers and more profitable for operators.  Scotsman’s innovation continues with ENERGY STAR® products like Prodigy®, one of the smartest, most energy-efficient ice machines on the market.  And the Prodigy® Eclipse®, which conserves space while reducing heat and noise.  Reliability is built into Scotsman’s innovative ice machines with state-of-the-art diagnostics, easy access servicing and optimized cleaning.


Scotsman ProdigyELITE Ice Machine
Scotsman Ice Machine Maker
Cube Ice

Reliability: Scotsman machines are working in the field today with a proven 99.4% reliability factor over a five-year period. Before every Scotsman ice machine leaves the factory, it is thoroughly tested. 


Warranty: When an ice machine is as well manufactured as a Scotsman, there is no hesitation in offering an outstanding warranty - and Scotsman's is unexcelled. Cubers and hotel dispensers: 3 years parts; 3 years labor; 5 years parts and labor on evaporator; 5 years parts on compressor and condenser. Bins: 3 years parts; 3 years labor; 5 years parts and labor on HTB Bins. Countertop dispensers: 2 year parts; 1 year labor. All other products: 2 years parts; 2 years labor; 5 years on the compressor. 


Service: Every Scotsman product comes with an ongoing relationship with you, the customer. Whenever you need service, we'll be there to assist you with timely and effective support. We believe that delivery, installation, and service should be structured to meet your needs. Our factory trained service personnel are intimately acquainted with every piece of Scotsman equipment. So they know exactly what to look for if a problem should occur. If you have an older model Scotsman, you don't have to worry. Functional parts are available ten years after the last model of a unit has been built. 

Selection: Scotsman offers a wide variety of ice forms, machines sizes (over 100 different models), bin sizes, and dispensers. Be sure to visit our Ice Machine Sizing & Selector Tool for guidelines to sizing icing systems and choosing the variety of ice forms to meet every need


Environmental Responsibility: Scotsman has a long-standing commitment to the preservation of natural resources and the environment. Years ago, Scotsman was the first ice machine company to adopt a sensible permanent solution to the refrigerant problem with the introduction of R-404A (DuPont SUVA® HP62) refrigerant. At Scotsman, environmental responsibility remains a cornerstone of our corporate policy. 

Product Highlights

Hospitality Healthcare Ice Machine

Meridian Series Ice & Water Dispensers

Scotsman’s Meridian Series allows for zero physical contact to dispense ice or water. The use of infrared technology senses the start and duration of dispensing, eliminating the need to touch any buttons, levers, lids or ice scoops.

Whether it’s providing patient care in the healthcare environment or serving staff and visitors in breakrooms, office suites and other settings, a reliable dispenser helps get the job done. In fact, it can contribute to better efficiency and morale, and even comfort and safety.


That’s why the experts at Scotsman created the Meridian™ Series, a powerful new lineup of ice and water dispensers designed with your facility’s unique space, production and installation needs in mind. With the Meridian™ Series, you get premium reliability, time-saving serviceability and intuitive cleanability — along with the softest, most satisfying ice form available on the market today.


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