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We offer a variety of quality ice machine models and water filtration systems from top brands like Scotsman, Kold-Draft, and 3M. Our experienced team makes it easy to purchase the right model for you and your customer's needs. Additionally, we offer part sales as needed. 

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Our in-house ice machine leasing program offers a budget-friendly solution with fixed payments, eliminating surprise repair costs throughout the lease term. The lease agreement covers installation, full service, all parts and labor, and includes two preventative maintenance visits per year. Leasing an ice machine provides all the benefits of usage without the burden of ownership.


Payments are considered an operating expense for tax purposes, not a depreciating asset. This is especially beneficial for businesses with limited resources, freeing up capital for other investments. At the end of the lease term, you can choose to renew, return, or purchase the equipment.

Our factory-trained technicians offer 24/7 technical support, ensuring quick and professional ice machine repair services.


With round-the-clock availability, we promptly address and resolve any issues, providing peace of mind and reliable service for your business.

For more information about purchasing, servicing, and/ or leasing please contact our sales department.

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