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All of our sales representatives are factory trained on the products that Bayshore represents and are able to answer any questions you may have. Upon your request, on your behalf, they will make sales calls to your customers, allowing you to use your staff in other productive and profitable ways. We sell both equipment and parts for our products.

Our own factory-trained technicians provide an additional measure of comfort with 24 hours, seven days a week technical support. This allows us to quickly and professionally respond to your customer's needs and resolve potential any potential issues.

Purchasing and maintaining an ice machine can be expensive. With our in-house lease program, payments are set over a fixed period, which means there are no surprise repair invoices for the duration of the lease. The lease agreement includes installation and full service of the equipment, as well as all parts and labor and two preventative maintenance visits per year. Many customers prefer leasing because it provides all the benefits of usage without the responsibility of ownership. We retain ownership of the equipment and for tax purposes the payment are considered an operating expense rather than a depreciating asset. It is also very helpful for businesses with limited resources, allowing them to free up their capital for other investments. At the end of the lease term the equipment can be either renewed, returned, or purchased. For more information about leasing please call our sales department.

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